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A deadly journey for children: The Central Mediterranean Migrant Route


As of September 2016, an estimated 256,000 migrants have been identified in Libya,1 of which 28,031 are women (11 per cent) and 23,102 are children (9 per cent), with a third of this group including unaccompanied children. The real figures are believed to be at least three times higher.Of the 181,436 arrivals in Italy in 2016 via the Central Mediterranean Route, 28,223 or nearly 16 per cent were children. Nine out of ten children who crossed the Mediterranean last year were unaccompanied. A total of 25,846 children made the crossing, which is double the previous year. An estimated 4,579 people died crossing the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy last year alone, of which over 700 were children.

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Inmigrantes en Reino Unido abortan si esperan una niña


En 2010 se produjeron 189.574 interrupciones del embarazo en Inglaterra y Gales, lo que supone un incremento del 8 % en la última década.

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Empowering refugee women and girls


 “When my husband beat me, I came here,” said Bu Meh (alias), a Karenni mother of five from Myanmar. She was referring to a community-based multi-sectoral project that works to end violence against women and supports survivors in one of the many Karenni refugee camps dotted along the Thailand-Myanmar border.

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