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One year after the EU-Turkey deal: migrants and asylum seekers are paying the price with their health

One year after the EU-Turkey Deal, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) released a report to expose the human costs of European policy failures in Greece and the Balkans. MSF calls on the EU and member state leaders to radically change their approach to migration and ensure a swift end to the unnecessary suffering of the thousands caught in the consequences of the EU-Turkey deal.

The European Council stated that the deal, which rewards Turkey for “stemming the flow” of migrants and refugees and accepting those forcibly returned from Greek shores, would offer migrants “an alternative to putting their lives at risk”. One year after, men, women and children are trapped in unsafe zones outside Europe, unable to flee, forced to use even more dangerous smuggling routes to reach Europe, or they are trapped in overcrowded “hotspots” on the Greek islands.

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Child Migrants in Sicily Must Overcome One Last Obstacle – the Mafia


Italy - Many migrant and refugee children have disappeared from Sicily amid allegations of people-smuggling by organized gangs, writes Mark Townsend for the Observer.

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Brasil tem hoje 5,2 mil refugiados de 79 nacionalidades


 O Brasil abriga hoje 5.208 refugiados, sendo os colombianos e os angolanos quase metade dos estrangeiros com o status. É o que mostram dados atualizados do Comitê Nacional de Refugiados (Conare), do Ministério da Justiça. Os números revelam que os pedidos de refúgio no país têm crescido exponencialmente ao longo dos anos.

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