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Derechos humanos de personas migrantes

 La movilidad humana constituye una de las temáticas que actualmente revelan mayor interés en el mundo. Suramérica se destaca por los avances normativos e iniciativas que incorporan el respeto de los derechos humanos de las personas en contexto de movilidad.

Access to justice for migrant workers in South-East Asia

 There are estimated to be 20.2 million migrant workers originating from South-East Asia, nearly 6.9 million of whom migrated to other countries within the region (UNDESA, 2015). Although the labour rights and social protection benefits established for these workers are in many cases the same as nationals under law, they frequently experience unequal and discriminatory treatment in practice. 


idi euaBy the end of 2016, 65.6 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations. That was an increase of 300,000 people over the previous year, and the world’s forcibly displaced population remained at a record high.

International Migration Policy Report

 The 2017 International Migration Policy Report is the first in an expected series of annual reports on international migration policy and refugee protection by the global network of think tanks or study centers founded by the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Charles – Scalabrinians. 

Global Report on Internal Displacement 2017

  The 2017 Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID 2017) presents the latest data and trends of internal displacement by conflict and disasters worldwide. In 2016, one person per second was forced to flee.

A Child is a Child: Protecting children on the move from violence, abuse and exploitation

 Millions of children are on the move across international borders – fleeing violence and conflict, disaster or poverty, in pursuit of a better life. Hundreds of thousands move on their own. When they encounter few opportunities to move legally, children resort to dangerous routes and engage smugglers to help them cross borders.

Forced to Flee Central America's Northern Triangle: A Neglected Humanitarian Crisis

 An estimated 500,000 people cross into Mexico every year. The majority making up this massive forced migration flow originate from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, known as the Northern Triangle of Central America (NTCA), one of the most violent regions in the world today.

Mixed Movements in South-East Asia 2016

 2016 was the fifth consecutive year of large-scale movements of Rohingya refugees from Rakhine state in Myanmar to other countries by land or sea, bringing the estimated total since 2012 to 168,500. A year-by-year breakdown of the outflow is presented below.

Flujos de migrantes en situación migratoria irregular provenientes de África, Asia y el Caribe en las Américas

idi spaEl reporte destaca que los flujos irregulares a las Américas de los migrantes provenientes de África, Asia y el Caribe deben ser analizados de acuerdo a sus orígenes y características específicas.

Assessing the Climate Change Environmental Degradation and Migration Nexus in South Asia

 South Asia, comprising eight countries including Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal, is affected by a range of natural disasters including floods, glacial lake outburst floods, storm surges, droughts, cyclones and heavy precipitation. These disasters take a huge toll as they displace thousands of people every year.

One year after the EU-Turkey deal: migrants and asylum seekers are paying the price with their health

 One year after the EU-Turkey Deal, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) released a report to expose the human costs of European policy failures in Greece and the Balkans.

A deadly journey for children: The Central Mediterranean Migrant Route

idi euaAs of September 2016, an estimated 256,000 migrants have been identified in Libya,1 of which 28,031 are women (11 per cent) and 23,102 are children (9 per cent), with a third of this group including unaccompanied children.

Derechos humanos de la niñez migrante

 A partir de los primeros años del siglo XX la protección de los derechos humanos se convirtió en una cuestión de interés de la comunidad internacional. En la Sociedad de las Naciones (antecedente de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas, ONU), establecida al final la primera guerra mundial, se intentó crear un marco jurídico y mecanismos de vigilancia internacionales para la protección de las minorías

Migración, derechos humanos y política migratoria

 Los derechos humanos de las personas migrantes están incluidos, casi en su totalidad, en todos y cada uno de los instrumentos internacionales y regionales de derechos humanos que se han adoptado desde mediados del siglo XX.

Hidden Struggles: Filling information gaps regarding adversities faced by Refugee Women in Europe

 The team of researchers visited Greece in November 2016, meeting hundreds of refugees and speaking with dozens of women about their specific experiences. It was clear the women and girls who have endured treacherous journeys and are now living with meagre facilities in under-resourced camps face particular hardships including additional health risks, the risk of violence and child rearing concerns.

Don’t Forget Us – Voices of Young Refugees and Migrants in Greece

 Since 2015 over one million people fleeing war, poverty and natural disaster in the Middle East, South Asia and East and West Africa have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean in the hope of finding peace and a dignified life in Europe.

Migrantes regionales en la ciudad de San Pablo

 La formulación de políticas públicas que apunten a la inclusión de los migrantes en la vida de las ciudades y que garanticen la plena vigencia de sus derechos, debe partir de información adecuada sobre las formas de inserción de estos colectivos, así como sobre los obstáculos que enfrentan para acceder a sus derechos, especialmente sociales.

Climate Change Knows No Borders: An analysis of climate induced migration, protection gaps and need for solidarity in South Asia

 Climate change is having devastating impacts on communities’ lives, livelihoods and food security across South Asia. Its consequences are so severe that it is increasingly contributing to migration, and this incidence is likely to escalate much more in the years to come as climate change impacts become more serious.

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2016

 The 2016 UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons is the third of its kind mandated by the General Assembly through the 2010 United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. It covers 136 countries and provides an overview of patterns and flows of trafficking in persons at global, regional and national levels, based primarily on trafficking cases detected between 2012 and 2014. 

International Migration Report 2015

 This publication presents information on international migration levels, trends and legal instruments for major areas, regions and countries of the world.


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