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France to evict almost 1,000 migrants from 'jungle' near Calais

France plans to close part of a camp for migrants near Calais on its northern Channel coast within a week, forcing almost 1,000 people to leave, officials said on Friday.

Thousands of people fleeing poverty and war have converged at a camp near Calais called the "jungle" over the past year in hopes of making it to Britain where lower unemployment, the English language and fewer identity checks are still seen as big draws.

French authorities said they would offer 750 migrants, many from Africa and the Middle East, spaces in a state-run shelter made of converted shipping containers, opened last month. The south part of the camp will then be flattened in a week's time.

The containers, designed to accommodate up to 1,500 people, are equipped with bunk beds, heaters and windows but lack toilets and showers. Many refugees told Reuters they were reluctant to move there because access is controlled by handprint technology.

Others would be encouraged to move to other migrant centers in France.

"I hope we don't have to make an eviction by force," Fabienne Buccio, the regional prefect, told Reuters. "The conditions are there for us to do that and flatten part of the camp that gives Calais a bad image."

The decision comes a month after authorities decided to clear a 100-metre (110-yard) strip next to a road that passes above the camp, forcing some 500 to 700 people to move their tents.

An estimated 4,000 migrants now live in the state shelters and in the "jungle". This number had spiked to 6,000 in September and many believe the figure will rise again as the spring approaches.

Incidents involving migrants and the police have surged since last October when security near the Channel Tunnel was reinforced to prevent anybody from entering the Eurotunnel (GETP.PA) infrastructure.

On Jan. 23, some 200 refugees managed to break into the port of Calais, enabling some of them to board the front deck of a British ferry, after a demonstration of support for migrants.

(Reporting by Pierre Savary; writing by Matthias Blamont and Alister Doyle)

Fonte: Reuters - 12.02.2016


Italia rescata a más de 5.600 inmigrantes en tres días


 El último parte de guerra dice que han sido nueve los cadáveres de inmigrantes recuperados hoy lunes en el Canal de Sicilia, a los que hay que sumar los 500 desde principios de año, que unidos a las grandes cifras de rescatados de una muerte casi segura por la Guardia Costera o por la Marina italiana ––5.629 en los últimos tres días, 15.000 desde principios de año— pueden servir para reflejar la magnitud y el riesgo del éxodo diario, haga frío o calor, que tiene lugar entre las costas de África y Europa.

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Sbarchi: Migrantes, "ci ricordano casa sta accadendo in alcune parti del mondo".


“Nel 2014 quasi 100.000 persone che attraversavano il Mediterraneo alla ricerca di pace, libertà e sicurezza sono state accompagnate dall’operazione ‘Mare nostrum’ a sbarcare nei porti della Sicilia, della Calabria, della Campania e della Puglia”.

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